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5 Incredibly Useful Home Buying Tips For You

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Remember, you are not the only one looking at homes. So many times you find a home you may think is perfect and only to contact an agent to find out it has gone pending. Using reliable websites and keeping in touch with your REALTOR is key to making sure you don’t get your hopes up!



Make sure you have a REALTOR who will point out the positive AND NEGATIVE aspects of each home. Find an agent that is less of a salesperson and more of an advisor. You should be the ultimate decision maker and in control of the whole buying process. Once you find a good advisor, be sure to listen to them and USE their experience to your advantage.



Once you get that pre-approval letter in hand, the desire to find a house can cause a sense of urgency for some home buyers. Try to resist the temptation to speed up the home buying process. Remember, buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. It’s a major life-altering decision. Impulse shopping in real estate can have tremendously negative consequences. Get ready to invest time and energy to get the perfect place. It will be well worth it in the long run.


In the same way that pictures can oversell a property, they can also undersell one as well. Many real estate agents are not tech savvy. Some of them use terrible photography methods, omit staging advice, and their listings suffer for it. If a property meets your criteria but doesn’t look great in the photos, it may still be worth checking out. You don’t want to miss the perfect home just because the listing is poorly created. I’ve had plenty of clients buy homes that they originally did not think they would like, based on the online listing presentation. This is just another area where having a good Real Estate Professional makes all the difference. It’s something to keep in mind while shopping for a home online.


Being realistic about what you can get in your dream home for the amount of home you can afford will allow for you to enjoy the experience of home buying. If you are married or buying a home with someone else be sure to talk with your partner about your nonnegotiable amenities. Identify what you’d be willing to compromise on so that your criteria falls within your budget and your looking at homes that suit both of your needs.
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