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Cincinnati has 52 neighborhoods-yes one for every week of the year.
If you walk any of those neighborhoods, you will feel the distinctive difference in the people and local businesses there. There is a loyalty about the place and people. I grew up nearly 60 years ago in Hyde Park. In those days the neighborhood was humble. The now-famous Hyde Park Square was a haven for kids who would run all over ‘the island’ as their parents bought groceries at Kroger, a birthday cake at Lippert’s Bakery or picked up a prescription at Park Pharmacy. The place is very different today! What remains of my youth are the Post Office, Miller Gallery, Graeter’s and The Echo.
Change is inevitable!
Real estate was priced accordingly. In 1961 I was brought home from the hospital to 3448 Stettinius Avenue. I was the reason for the ‘new house.’ My dad bought it for $17,000. The house last sold for $511,000 in 2005 and the estimated market price today is well beyond $600,000. So over those 60 years (almost…) the value of that real estate has grown 32+ times. Amazing? $1 invested in 1961 into the stock market would be worth $358.29 today!
Real Estate is an awesome investment. Consider buying instead of renting, regardless of the price point and you will win.
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