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Are Zillow Offers a good option for you? Find out here.

Zillow, the popular online real estate marketplace, has recently launched a new feature called “Zillow Offers.” Since the team here at Varma Realty Group frequently fields questions about this feature, we decided to address the subject in a blog and provide as much information as possible.

Developed as a ‘Faster, Simpler Selling Option’

Zillow Offers enables cash offers to be made on a home listed on the platform in any of Zillow’s “Zillow Offers” service areas (of which Cincinnati is one). Essentially, Zillow buys the house for cash and turns around and sells it to the buyer. 
As a seller, Zillow Offers is known as a “quick-sale service.” You answer basic questions about your home that is for sale, such as number of bedrooms, number of full and half baths, etc., and let them know if anything from the public listing has changed. Then, a photographer comes to your home to tour the property, take pictures and send it back to the Zillow Offer coordinator. If your home qualifies for a “Zillow Offers” offer, you will receive an offer within two business days. Yes, you read that correctly. Two business days. You then have three business days to respond before the offer expires.

Enter Varma Realty Group

It’s often at this point that the team at Varma Realty Group is contacted. The sellers want to know if the money they were offered on their home is a good offer and if they should accept it. While for some scenarios, Zillow can be certainly the right way to go, those selling in this manner still need assistance in understanding Zillow’s offer and the requirements involved in the process. Allowing Varma Realty Group to represent you takes the anxiety out of Zillow Offers. Yes, there will be a commission involved, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that all your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed. There will be no buyer’s agent, so the seller will still have a higher net sale than a normal sale. 
Additionally, Varma Realty Group provides free comparative market analysis, whether you’re ready to sell now or just testing the waters.  With our network of buyers and agents, we are confident our relationship will help you sell your home quickly–whether it be to Zillow or direct to a home buyer. 
Regardless of what you choose to do, let Varma Realty Group guide you through the process.  We are happy to contact Zillow on your behalf.  Please contact us at varun@varmarealtygroup.com for more information.
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