5 Seriously Great Reasons You Need to Sell Your Home in Winter

Even though the real estate market tends to be the hottest during the spring and summer, you don’t have to fear listing your home for sale during the winter. Here are some expert observations from our real estate team on the benefits of selling your home and how to get top dollar for it even if the snow is falling.

1. Extremely Motivated Buyers

If someone is in the market to purchase a new home during the wintertime, there is a major reason they are doing so. Either they have just moved to the area for a new job, their family is growing or some other major reason…buyers who go shopping during the cold, snowy months aren’t just window shopping. So a showing can likely turn into an offer immediately.


2. Time Off From Work

November and December, and even the beginning of January tend to be months where workers take time off from work. This time off is often focused around family gatherings, but it also can be time dedicated to house hunting. Listing your home in the winter may give interested buyers more time to view your home during the day while they have time off from work and you aren’t home. This can save you from having to find somewhere to go during evening showings.


3. Lack of Competition

Because fewer people list their homes during the winter months, there are fewer houses available in the marketplace for purchase. If yours is one of only three homes available in your neighborhood and the one next to it, you’re likely to have no issue with getting an offer quickly. Let this also be a guide in the pricing of your home. Your real estate agent will help with this, but be sure not to undercut the value of your home when choosing your list price. With fewer homes to choose from, as long as you list your home at a fair market price, you will be sure to get the sale.

4. Show Off Energy Efficiency

If your home has energy-efficient features to highlight such as smart thermostats, solar panels, quality window treatments, energy-efficient dual-pane windows, new attic insulation, a newer HVAC system, recently cleaned air ducts, and vents, or a tankless water heater — the wintertime is a great time to highlight these. Keep your home between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and ensure all drafts are taken care of before listing your home.

5. Safety

Keep the safety of your potential buyers and the showing realtors in mind by keeping your driveway and walkways shoveled and salted. Winter also means darkness comes earlier in the evening. Consider purchasing and installing solar lights to line your driveway and walkways. Be sure to keep the lights on in your house when you leave for a showing so potential buyers don’t accidentally trip over something while walking through your home.


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As we’ve stated…you don’t need to be afraid to list your home in the wintertime! With just a few adjustments, it can be of great benefit to you to list during this time of year. Varma Realty Group would be ecstatic to talk with you if you are interested in putting your home up for sale. Click here for more information on selling your home with us. Or you can send us an email at varun@varmarealtygroup.com.
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