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🌸✨ Get the Most Out of Your Spring Cleaning with This Checklist

The Spring season in real estate is hot like a mid-summer’s day! It’s the time of year when lots of people choose to list their house for sale, while at the same time lots of buyers are out shopping around for their new home or their next investment property.
Whether or not you’re planning on listing your home on the market, springtime is known as a good time for “spring cleaning”: time for clearing out the clutter, organizing what’s left, and sprucing up both the inside and outside of your home to make it look just a tad better than it had previously.
We’ve put together a go-to checklist for you to save you the research on what should be included in your spring cleaning to get the most out of your effort and get your home ready for listing (if that’s your end goal):

Clean Windows, Screens & Sills

It makes all the difference to look through a sparkling window to see an expansive back yard. The saying “the dirty details” comes to reality in this instance. Take the screens out, soak them, and reinstall. Install new screens in any windows that have screens with tears or holes. Wipe down both the inside and outside of the glass and clean the window sills.


Wipe Walls, Floor Boards & Doorways

Dirty fingerprints on walls really make a home look dingy. Take the time to wet a cloth with mild soap and water and wipe down all walls, floorboards and doorways if you are not investing in new paint.


Fill in Scuffed Woodwork

There is something you can do short-term to “repair” scuffs in your woodwork and hard-wood floors, short of investing in refinishing. Purchase a product called “Restore A Finish” for around $10. This one-step, wipe on, wipe off product restores wood finishes to their original luster, and works on water marks, smoke damage, oxidation, white heat rings and more.

The Nose Knows

When you live in a home, you become nose blind to certain smells that may linger there. Dirty dog smell, pet urine, mold and mildew, trash…these are just some of the smells we often run into while touring homes.
Get your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned. The same goes for your home’s ventilation system. Your carpet and vents can hold onto odors long after you think they’re gone, so do yourself a favor and don’t skip this step!
Also, keep your dogs bathed, your furniture and drapes vacuumed, and your trash taken out to keep smells at bay long-term.

Detail the Laundry Room

You may not think it happens, but potential buyers DO look inside washers and dryers during home tours! If you have a glass front-loader, clean the glass on the inside and outside. Wipe away all stray dirt and/or lint from the top or outside. If you have a top loader, clean inside the lid and around the inner rim as well. Or you could go one step further and do a deep clean! There are some YouTube videos that give good step-by-step instructions on cleaning drains and inner compartments, etc.


Clean Behind and Under Furniture

Potential buyers look everywhere…yes EVERYWHERE. So be sure to move your furniture and clean behind it and under it just in case they decide to move that chair to get a good look at the floor underneath. Plus, it’s just good cleaning etiquette!


Light Fixtures, Lightbulbs, Blinds & Light Switches

Spring cleaning wouldn’t be complete without attention to room light fixtures, ceiling fans and blinds. This includes light bulbs. All of these can be ignored during regular cleaning routines, so make sure to focus in on them during deep cleanings. An additional step to brighten a room is to replace light switch and outlet covers. These are easily broken and stained, and are very inexpensive to replace, so if budget affords it go ahead and replace them for an extra piece of “clean” in the room.


Wipe Inside & Outside of Cabinets

As we previously stated…potential buyers inspect EVERYWHERE, including the insides of cabinets. Be sure to wipe down both the insides and outsides of cabinets to remove all residue and fingerprints as well as organize the contents of your cabinets.


Exterior Light Fixtures & Door Handles

Seeing cobwebs on outdoor light fixtures doesn’t set a good first impression as potential buyers walk up to a house. Be sure to clean and polish all exterior light fixtures and door hardware and keep your lawn and landscaping maintained as well.
We hope this spring cleaning checklist gives you a good outline in your seasonal deep cleaning regime. If you are interested in potentially listing your house for sale in the coming months, Varma Realty Group would love to talk with you and share our expertise as well as answer any questions you may have about listing your home or the real estate market in general. You can contact us any time at varun@varmarealtygroup.com or at 513-307-3599.
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