The Best Landscaping Trends to Make Your Home Stand Out in 2022

Landscaping is a hot topic as homeowners feel the need to create cozy outdoor retreats for stress relief as well as entertaining, especially now that the Covid-19 pandemic has receded (we hope). Here are seven landscape trends to watch in 2022:

1. Wildflowers & Native Plants

Homeowners are paying more attention to landscaping for wildlife in 2022. “Save the bees” is a trending hashtag on social media, and landscaping including wildflower patches for pollinators like bees and butterflies are big this year. Without pollinators, the world’s food supply will dwindle, and eco-consciousness is coming back in a big way. Native plants are also catching on as homeowners realize they’re beneficial to wildlife and more resilient to erratic weather. In addition, they attract beneficial insects that feed most bird species. If everyone does their little part in their own yards, we can collectively support the ecosystem!


2. Support Backyard Birds

With people spending more time at home due to the pandemic, bird watching has become a popular pastime. As a result, birdbaths and bird feeders have begun finding their ways into more and more backyards. So have evergreens and fruiting shrubs: all providing birds both food and shelter. 
According to The National Audubon Society, several companies reported 50 percent increases in birdseed and bird feeder sales in 2021. With just a few items, you can invite in your feathered friends for some melodic chirping and relaxing sights.


3. Gardens

Whether it be an herb garden, vegetable garden, or both, incorporating a garden in your landscaping has become a popular (and sustainable!) trend. It could be through self-contained raised beds, through pots on a patio, or through an actual tilled section of yard with fencing.
The reasoning behind this new popular trend may also be tied to the pandemic. Many people avoided venturing to the store to avoid viral exposure, encouraging alternative means of sourcing food. Others may have realized how cost-effective growing your own food can be. Regardless of the reason, having your own garden is definitely “in” as far as landscaping goes.

4. Bringing the Indoors Out

Over the last two years people have spent a lot more time at home. And when social distancing became a thing of the past, they started making the home the center of social gatherings for family and close friends. As such, they want to spruce up their house with landscaping items such as outdoor kitchens, pavilions, pergolas, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. 

5. Accessorizing to Extend the Season

People are finding ways to extend the outdoor season to take greater advantage of the aforementioned more elaborate outdoor spaces. Accessories including space heaters as well as shelter tops and sides, allow pavilions to remain comfortable and used long into the fall and winter seasons.


6. Pools

Following a growing desire for “staycation” spaces, swimming pools remain in high demand. Several industry professionals say some pool contractors are so busy they’re booked into 2023!


7. Purple & Green

Neutral tones are out, and two colors, in particular, are the new “in” colors for plants and flowers.  One is purple, which is Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year. This vibrant, lively hue is both regal and joyful at the same time. The other is clover green, symbolizing life, renewal, and nature. 
Purple can be introduced to a landscape through a wide selection of flowers, including petunia, vinca, pansy, verbena, salvia and veronica. Green is even easier — after all, it’s the most common color in the garden. It’s also a natural, less jarring color for outdoor furniture and accessories.


Go with the Flow

The time of over-structured landscapes with defined architectural lines and superbly manicured lawns is over. The newest landscaping trend involves more natural forms and organic shapes. This includes letting plants grow naturally and spreading in whatever form they choose throughout your outdoor space. Include some vining and climbing plants like Clematis or Climbing Hydrangea. No more bushes clipped in ball or animal shapes: free-flowing is the way to go. 
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Happy Landscaping!
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