Beyond AirBnb: 4 Simple Property Side Hustles That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone has heard of AirBnb or Vrbo by now (but just in case: these are websites where a person can list a house, condo or apartment for short-term rent). People use these sites to bring in some extra cash with property that isn’t their main residential property. But did you know that there are other, similar sites that allow you to use property as a side hustle? Property that goes beyond a home? Let’s say…a pool or a tennis court? We’ve investigated some of the sites we’ve heard about and detail summaries below in case you’re looking for ways to increase income in this new $5+ per gallon of gas economy. Check them out:


With the tagline “Turn the space you already have into cash”, Neighbor connects people looking for storage space with people who have space to spare. Searchable options include RV storage, car and truck storage, trailer storage and boat storage. Additional options are business inventory and warehouse storage, as well as college and general indoor storage. 

Those looking for storage can search by location or type of storage desired. Hosts can sign up for the platform if they have a spare garage, driveway, shed or even a basement they aren’t using that they can rent out. Hosts are protected by a “Payout Protection” plan which is the list of official rules for the platform, including guaranteed payments and refund policy. VIsit www.neighbor.com for more info.



Swimply allows you to list your private pool for rental as well as list other spaces such as outdoor sports courts, home gyms, music studios, and even just a large backyard for a gathering. Swimply Guests add a profile photo, so you know who you’re talking to. Hosts and Guests also review each other after every booking for quality assurance. Insurance is included, up to $1 million for liability and $10,000 for property damage. Guests are charged up front. Swimply receives a 15% service fee. Visit www.swimply.com for more info.




Outdoorsy is the platform for you if you have an RV or camper to rent out. The site has all types of camping vehicles listed as well as all different price ranges. Create a profile with images of your vehicle, what amenities are included, and what your pricing structure is. People searching for a camper can search by geographic location, by number of people a vehicle can hold, by type of vehicle, by price, by dates available, and by amenities included. Vehicles can be picked up or delivered. Visit www.outdoorsy.com for more info.




Getmyboat is the place to go if someone is looking for a boat, whether it be a captained boating experience or a DIY boat rental. It even goes beyond just boats, and includes jet skis, paddle boards, and even kayaks. Types of boats listed on the site run the gamut from house boats, fishing boats and pontoons to yachts. The site boasts 150,000 currently listed watercraft.

Site users can search by type of watercraft desired or by destination location. There are even captained adventure cruises listed on the site. Visit the site to check it out: www.getmyboat.com.


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