Beyond a Seller’s Market – Why You May Want to Make Your Move Now

While the past couple of years have been a seller’s market for real estate, the financial experts have weighed in and all are in agreement that the market is finally leveling off and making a turn back toward “normal.” Here are reasons you may want to make a move now…

Beyond AirBnb: 4 Simple Property Side Hustles That Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone has heard of AirBnb or Vrbo by now (but just in case: these are websites where a person can list a house, condo or apartment for short-term rent). People use these sites to bring in some extra cash with property that isn’t their main residential property. But did you know that there are other, similar sites that allow you to use property as a side hustle? Property that goes beyond a home?

Cincinnati Spotlight: The West Side

Cincinnati from the West Side

Anyone from Cincinnati will be familiar with the “East Side versus West Side” phenomena. To those not from the area, let us explain a little…

Things to Do in Cincinnati: Hidden Gems Worth a Visit

Things to do in Cincinnati Bars

Cincinnati, Ohio is a top-tier midwestern city for many reasons. It has a landscape of rolling hills, the shimmering Ohio River (complete with beautiful bridges), professional baseball, football and soccer teams (the Reds, Bengals and FC…